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Tonight's Adventures: Joining SSPI, Networking, Higher Math, Founder Institute

August 26, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

I'm grinding through Khan Academy's Trigonometry course, as review for Chapter 4 in the "Understanding Space" book, which lists Vector Math and Calculus as a requirement. The last time I did higher math was back around 2005, when I spent a semester at Cabrillo College exclusively focused on passing Calculus (math has always been a weak point for me)... so this is going to be interesting in the Confucian sense. I succeeded at passing the class (fourth try since High School), and in the process, worked my way through most of Calculus and Pizza: A Cookbook for the Hungry Mind. When I showed him where I was in the book, our instructor told me that I'd essentially finished not only the current semester's work, but the next one as well. When I set my mind to doing something, I tend to overdo it

I joined Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) so that I could join their LinkedIn group, and thought it would be an interesting vehicle for networking. Also joined some other LinkedIn groups. Trying to find a venue where I can make contact with engineers, possibly a technical co-founder or two.

I'm evaluating whether or not the Founder Institute is the right path for me; the $799 price for the course is a secondary factor to the time investment, and the appropriateness of the model for where I'm at in the process. I'm asking a few of my advisors and network members for their take.

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