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September 08, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

Producer for a TV show reached out to me about possibly doing something involving this project. Am skeptical, but they seem legit, and it's of course an intriguing proposition.

Also did a mutual introduction between two people who are informally advising meabout this project this a.m. Labor Day weekend and a very busy work schedule so far this week have limited how much effort I can put in, but I'm committed to making forward progress on an ongoing basis despite that.

Update: as I expected, we're too early stage for them to be interested; also, a brief search suggests that the show in question may be "pay for play"... there's a vast ecology of suspect players in the startup ecology (including a lot of "startups" themselves) that smart founders are leery of engaging with. As one of my advisors says, "Skepticism is always warranted."

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