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An Evening's Work

November 03, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

I rejiggered Space.Org this evening, something I've been meaning to do for a while. I broke it up into multiple sub-domains, and set up the corresponding entries in the Apache configuration, DNS, and AWS (this site runs on an EC2 instance, just because). Made Space.Org a landing page for the various projects and pages associated with it. Most of the time was spent unproductively fighting Apache, which was just not working how all the documenation and web forum postings say it should work. Technology just wrecks my day on a regular basis, and I work with it professionally. I don't know how normal people deal with the world they're embedded in! This blog now resides on a subdomain (as well as the original domain sub-directory), my personal site (the original main site's content) has been moved to a sub-domain, and an additional sub-domain for another side project has been added; I also created a "Coming Soon" web site using a w3 template, integrated a JavaScript countdown timer, and created a logo for that product using a SaaS design tool.

Tags: website, domain, projects, technology, sysadmin

Good Sysadmins Are Lazy

August 20, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

I got tired of manually typing out commands to create and edit posts on this blog, so I went ahead and created a series of bash functions (see below) to simplify the process. My background is in sysadmin and automating systems management. Back in the Ur days of the World Wide Web, in May of 1994, I co-founded the world's first self-service web hosting company, Web Communications, LLC, aka WebCom. My partner and I built our system to scale indefinitely without requiring additional technical operations staff, and we were so successful , after being acquired, the system eventually operated for years with just two very, very, very part-time sysadmins, and one technical support staffer supporting thousands of clients. Good sysadmins automate the heck out of routine labor, thus "lazy" as a virtue, rather than a cardinal sin.

sbpost() {
    # start a new blog post
    /path/to/ post

sbedit() {
    # edit a blog post
    /path/to/ edit "$1"

sbrb() {
    # rebuild the blog after a macro level change
    /path/to/ rebuild

sbrm() {
    # delete post, rebuild blog
    /path/to/ delete "$1"

sbls() {
    # list all posts
    /path/to/ list

sblstags() {
    # list all tags in alphabetical order, use '-n' to sort list by number of posts
    /path/to/ tags "$1"

Tags: geekstuff, techstuff, sysadmin, bashblog