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Introduction and Welcome (aka "pinned post")

January 18, 2022 — Thomas Leavitt

I've chosen this "open" approach to pursuing the ideas discussed here in the form of a startup, because the "moat" (startup speak) this company will erect lies not in some secret insight, but in the actual execution of the idea: Apply modular design and production line techniques to dramatically reduce the cost to manufacture satellites and satellite components, thus empowering public sector, commercial and academic researchers worldwide to cost-effectively explore the solar system. In combination with anticipated radical decreases in the “cost to launch” beyond Earth orbit, the Ultra Low Cost Satellite Bus (ULCSB) will make deep space research a routine and ongoing process, instead of being a once in a generation / once in a lifetime event.

Neptune and Uranus were visited, for the first and last time, in 1979 by Voyager 2. That means, for a lot of you reading this, that this doesn't even qualify as a "once in a lifetime" event! Our "moat", if anything, exists in the form of skepticism that this is technically doable, financially feasible, or even worth doing: "Who would ever want data about Neptune?" as one commenter put it.

If this vision excites you, read on, and if you're really motivated to make this real, join me! I'm looking for a technical co-founder (or two) to help make this real. This blog, more than anything else, is meant for the engineer looking to do something "great", and seeking a partner who can help on the non-engineering side of things. I've multiple startups under my belt (successful, and otherwise) and a lifetime of professional and personal contacts I intend to leverage on behalf of this project. I can be reached at and my business (consulting) phone is: 831-469-3382. For more about me, professionally, see my LinkedIn profile.

Thomas Leavitt

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