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Today's Activities - Outreach

August 20, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

I spent some time this morning going through my mental rolodex of contacts, reached out to a professor heading a university department in this area, as well as another contact who is extremely networked and who I've known since the 1990s, as well as updating my LinkedIn profile to include my position as "CEO", did some more research and bookmarked several items for followup reading. Part of this is refining the "elevator pitch" (see other post), because when I'm asking for "informational interviews", I'm asking for people's time and attention, and I need to be succint and curb my usual verbosity.

Later on, I also created several posts here, simplified the process of dealing with them, reached out to an incubator, and reached out to a couple more professors. In the evening, I went through my LinkedIn contacts and my mental rolodex, and reached out to even more folks.

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Conversations Log

August 18, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

This is a list of conversations I've had, and when, and where, for future reference. Letters refer back to a private spreadsheet mapping letters to names.

  • A - August 11th, 2021 - FB Messenger, extensive chat, referred me to B
  • B - August 11th - FB Messenger, engineer, extensive chat
  • C - August 12th - reached out to me in email after seeing Space Hipsters post
  • D - various August - FB Messenger, engineer, follow up discussion, referred me to reading materials
  • E - August 16th - FB Messenger, software engineer, embededed HW designer, interested conceptually
  • F - August 18th, 2021 - email, LinkedIn, software engineer with experience, reached out
  • G - August, 2021 - startup advisor, various phone, text, email, agreed to advise
  • H - August, 2021 - various phone, webconference, text
  • I - August 18th, 2021 - FB Messenger, reached out
  • M - August 21, 2021 - VC, former co-worker, esponded via LinkedIn, no contacts in this segment
  • C - August 23, 2021 - in person conversation, hour long conversation, we're staying in touch, very useful constructive criticism and feedback
  • K - August 30, 2021 - responded to outreach via LinkedIn, author of interesting technical paper, professional experience
  • L - Sept 1, 2021 - responded to social media posting, messaged me directly, wants to contribute, expertise in this area
  • J - Sept 2, 2021 - phone conversation, 50 minutes, we'll be talking again next week, professional experience in this area

I also posted to the Space Hipsters Facebook Group ("a worldwide community that celebrates the past, present, and future of space exploration"), which prompted a very illuminating comment thread in response.

I've also send "cold emails" to various and sundry academics and professionals in this area that I surfaced one way or another and messaged folks on LinkedIn vi "InMails" (August 29th).

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