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Just Getting Started

August 18, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

I've been a science fiction / space nut my entire life; the vast majority of the 3,000+ books I read before I turned 18 were SF/Fantasy. I remember the very confused look on my parents face when I ranted about "leading humanity into space" (rather ambitious for an asocial ubernerd 13 year old). So, when my pioneering web host, Web Communcations, LLC, started testing domain name registration services back in late 1995, I of course registered Space.Org (August 31st, 1995).

In the many years since, I've made several efforts to actually deploy a web site to it, at one point running a discussion forum via Ning, at another time, having a volunteer create a ton of content, but they all eventually fell by the wayside when other things demanded my attention. I've had dozens of folks make offers to buy the domain, or request to use it, but I've always held on, thinking that some day, I'd get to use it for something related to my original intention: human exploration of the cosmos (or at least the solar system).

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