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Technical Tidbits

August 29, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

Useful factoids.

  • With regards to Langrange Points - L1 useful bc Earth shields satellites from most of the Sun's radiation; L2 useful for solar observations; L4/L5 self stabilizing (even less fuel needed to maintain position); also: "Lagrange points offer very low energy transfer points for spacecraft on their way to and from other parts of the solar system. They enable new orbital dynamics for fuel-strapped missions of exploration." Quote from THE LAGRANGE POINTS - aka "Lagrange point transfers" (see embedded NASA diagram), also see this StackExchange discussion which also has a useful diagram. Another term (from the StackExchange link): "weak stability boundary trajectories" (a Google search reveals all sorts of interesting papers on this topic); two sets most relevant are EML (Earth/Moon) and SEL (Sun/Earth)
  • PATHOS:A MATLABā€based Weak Stability Boundary Orbital Trajectory Simulator for Use in Interplanetary Mission Design

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