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Brief Update: New Logo Prototype, 'Getting to Wow!', networking, development, patience is a virtue

September 29, 2021 — Thomas Leavitt

Check out the new logo! Vast improvement over the DIY via SaaS thing I came up with earlier. Still more to do, I think, but very cool. Ironically, and this wasn't at all planned, it's based on the same image that my partner and I used in my first startup at Web Communications, LLC (aka WebCom): NASA's "Earthrise" image.

Not a lot of blogging, because my energy has been focused on other things. Watched Bill Reichert of Pegasus Ventures do an online keynote for the Santa Cruz Founders Institute on the topic of 'Getting to Wow!' on Your Pitch, which is also a title of a book he has on sale at Amazon, Getting to Wow! Silicon Valley Pitch Secrets for Entrepreneurs. Lots of good stuff in it, I took notes. Core concept: every time you open your mouth to talk about your company, you're "pitching". In this age of distraction, you've got 20 seconds to cut through the noise and get someone's attention.

Did a bit of networking this week, trying to set up a couple of more "informational interviews" with folks in the industry. Now that we're a bit farther along (see below), this should be even more interesting and illuminating.

Speaking of "farther along". I've teamed up with a very smart and experienced engineeer / entreprenuer who has a good grasp of the technical aspects of designing and manufacturing satellites and satellite components. He's been working on putting together a draft design in Solidworks (the industry standard for manufacturing oriented 3D CAD) over the past few days. We share the same excitement over the potential this idea has.

One of the things I've (re)learned over the course of the past year and a half, on another project, is that engineering takes time, and happens on it's own schedule (especially in a sweat equity funded startup). Whether it's designing and writing software and systems automation, or hardware design and modeling, it takes time to do it right (and avoid creating more work for your company and engineers down the line).

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